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Sovetskaya street, 20
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Advantages of booking the room in Bugrov Hostel

 Vacant room

 Free Booking

 Convinient payment terms

 Time saving

 Your arrangenments wont be broken


Visa support

For your convinience Bugrov Hostel is working 24/7.

We suppose you to hold in respect other hostel guests.

Check in  1.00 P.M.
Check out  12.00 A.M.

If you suppose to stay in our city for longer than you supposed, you have to talk about it with our manager. Our staff is always happy to help you to solve this problem. If you suppose to stay in our hostel longer than 5 days, you have to prepay fee of 2 days of room payment.

You cant live in our hostel without any identity card.

Papers required for moving into our hostel:

For Citizens of Russian Federation

  • 1 Passport of Russian subject
  • 2. Foreign passport
  • 3. Identity card of a serviceman (for officers of Defence Establishment of Russian Federation
  • 4. Military Card (for soldiers, sailors, sergeants or master sergeant due for call-up or contract)
  • 5.Sailors passport (for seamen working on russian ships sailing to overseas voyage or working on foreign ships)

For Foreign citizens:

  • 1. Passport of a foreign citizen or another paper established as an equal paper by federal law.
  • 2. Migratory card.

You have to leave key of a room to receptionist, when youre leaving your room.

In spite of the fact that it is a great pleasant to visit our city, we advice not to forget about safety of your personal belonging. The most valuable of them should be better locked into your personal locker. Also you should lock your number when leaving.

Hostel management has a right to lodge another person into the free bed of your room.

We ask you not to make noise from 11.00 P.M. to 7.00 A.M.

Hostel is NO SMOKING zone.

It is prohibited to smoke anywhere indoor the hostel. Violators will be fined.

It is prohibited to drink alcohol inside the hostel.

We dont accomodate drunk people.

Order in kitchen is maintained by hostel guests.

You must protect hostels properties. We check your room after check-out. In the case of damage you must recover expenditure.

In case of breaking the rules management has a right to evict violators vithout paying back.

Leadership of a pupils group are responsible for their behaviour.They Must ensure the fulfilment of the hostel rules.

Hostel management bears no responsibility for the work of the urban utility services communication (water, gas, light, heating).

Thank you for your understanding. We wish you good vacation in our hostel!